Yesterday Lauren Hill died. For those who haven't heard her story, Lauren was a young woman diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor who attacked her cancer with gusto and refused to allow it to derail her dream of playing college basketball. Lauren's example inspires us all to remember that each of life's moments is a gift and that there are no guarantees that we'll be given another.

Lauren's story is especially poignant to me as my oldest son—also 19—was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year. He was lucky. His tumor was operable and after a relatively short rehab, he's pretty much back to normal. When I look at him I see a young man joyfully operating on bonus time and am reminded to stop treading water and get to it. His example—and Lauren's—serve as motivation to be relentless in all things: work, play, love, life.

Thank you Lauren Hill. Rest in peace.