A Web Template? Seriously?

Yes. It's true. This brand-spanking new TBD Design web site was built from a template. Shhhhhh.

How can this be? Have we sold our design souls? Nope. Like many of our clients, we needed a site structure that would met our needs (portfolio, blog, contact page) and worked seamlessly across all digital platforms. We simply didn't have the time or resources to create that structure from the ground up. SquareSpace fit the bill.

Here's a cautionary tale that influenced our decision: years ago, we watched a firm hire a designer/programmer whose sole task was to build a robust web site for the company in house. He worked day after day, month after month. At times his progress would grind to a halt as key approvals sat unmet or upper management shifted focus to other priorities. Regardless, the applied hours—and calendar days—piled up. After 15 months, the site was ready to debut and it looked great and behaved beautifully. High-fives were had by all until the staggering cost in billable time was revealed—over $350,000.

This new TBD website took one designer about two weeks to construct. Our hope is that the work shown—not the site structure itself—will set us apart. Thanks for looking.