Design from the top

TBD considers each client relationship to be a partnership. When a company hires TBD Design, they work directly with the principals of the company—not junior level designers and account execs—gaining the full benefit of our senior marketing and design expertise. We have stayed small for a reason: each client deserves our best.

TBD approaches each branding assignment without preconceived notions. Just, clear, concise, dynamic creative geared to effectively communicate to all stakeholders—investors, customers, and employees—to position a brand for success. At TBD, no solution is predetermined, but to be determined.

TBD understands how to build powerful corporate brands and how to visually express divergent brand strategies. This understanding starts with the belief that every successful brand is comprised of a promise and a personality. Unearthing a brand’s promise requires discovering the underlying nuggets of truth that make it unique and then clearly articulating these truths to the target audience. A brand’s personality is that visual and verbal articulation that turns a customer’s connection to the brand into a strong emotional relationship. It is this combination of promise and personality that truly makes a brand unique—and drives long-term success.

Today’s multiplication of channels has pushed brands to strive for greater levels of clarity and consistency across touch points and necessitated the creation of an ecosystem of integrated products, services, and information. With the rise of social media, consumers are more empowered than ever before and expect seamless interaction, responsiveness, and 24/7 accessibility. It’s simply no longer sufficient for a company to repeat a claim and expect it to stick. Brands must be an authentic representation of the companies or products they represent if they are to survive the scrutiny of the modern marketplace.

The team at TBD has used our results-driven approach to build successful brands for national companies including Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Pfizer, as well as Louisville institutions like Actors Theatre, the Community Foundation of Louisville, and Humana.